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Pacific Storm

Archived news:

Pacific Storm gone gold in Germany

Frogster interactive pictures announced that German version of Pacific Storm has gone gold. After release the game will be delivered along with 156 page manual, detailed unit overview in the poster format and Kamikaze headband


First web site for Pacific Storm mods

PS MODS first homepage for Pacific Storm mods is launched this day by Time Traveller and KiloAlpha4. Two modders well known on our forums for their brilliant modifications for Pacific Storm demo have established new mod team and introduced new single resource to home mods made by Pacific Storm community. Lesta Studio is glad to present new site and wishes to mod team good luck in their work.


More 18 previews on Pacific Storm

Today we have another 18 previews of forthcoming Pacific Storm uploaded to our press room. Since the game becomes popular all around the world you can find articles in English, German, Spanish and some other languages.

Pacific Storm release date comes closer

Release date for Pacific Storm in Europe and America come closer. Yesturday our German publisher - Frogster interactive pictures launched its own Pacific Storm official news portal and forums.

Meanwhile, CDV released box arts for American release of Pacific Storm.

Press about Pacific Storm & PS: Allies

Pacific Storm and Pacific Storm: Allies get more news coverage this summer. Read more reveiws of the game and add-on at:


NVIDIA certified Pacific Storm

NVIDIA has certified and added Pacific Storm to the list of PC games compatible to its cards and drivers. Certification confirmed that Pacific Storm responds to the requirement of NVIDIA to PC games.

First users' missions and mods for Pacific Storm

First users missions and modifications for Pacific Storm have appeared in Mod thread on our forums. The first one is Surigao Strait mission for Pacific Storm demo. You can also find a screensaver, desktop wallpapers, various sound and bigger Ocean waves mods.

First units for Pacific Storm: Allies

First renders of new units for Pacific Storm: Allies are uploaded to our gallery. New models with high resoulution textures will bring Pacific Storm: Allies to a more improved level of visualization making battles for the Pacific even livelier on your PC's.

More previews of Pacific Storm: Allies

Inspired by E3 2006 presentation of Pacific Storm: Allies, the leading PC and video game portals have offered their first look at the ultimate cross-genre strategy, naval and air simulation war-game:


Pacific Storm: Allies nominated on Best Expansion

Canadian PC and video games portal www.gamingexcellence.com announced its own results of international exhibition E3 2006. Both Pacific Storm: Allies and Aggression: Europe 1914 developed by Lesta were presented among nominees on portal special awards. Pacific Storm: Allies was nominated as Best Expansion.

Pacific Storm nominated Best Strategy Game at E3 2006

The largest US-based video games portal - IGN.com - has nominated Pacific Storm by Lesta Studio on Best Strategy Game award as ultimate Pacific naval war game. The game was presented along with Company of Heroes (Relic/THQ); Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II (EA); Medieval 2: Total War (Creative Assembly/Sega).

Pacific Storm demo out now

Lesta Studio and Buka released the 300MB PC file today to let people try out the unique blend of gaming genres (real-time strategy, tactical warfare and air simulation) before it goes on sale this summer. The game is currently being tested by Lesta Studio and Buka. You can discuss the demo in this thread of the official game forum.

Thanks to WorthPlaying.com for alternative download links.

Pacific Storm found a German publisher

Great news for German speaking gamers! Buka licensed Pacific Storm for publishing in German speaking territories! Licensee: Frogster Interactive Pictures. Licensed Territory: Germany, Austria and German speaking part of Switzerland.

American Hero Chester Nimitz

Articles Update: "Admiral Chester Nimitz, who planned US Navy operations from the central base in Hawaii during most of the Pacific war and who did not directly head military operations - save for the tragic, crucial, and highly mysterious Battle of Midway - is the principal official hero of the American victory over Japan."

Read this article

Pacific Storm Preview — PC Gamer UK (March 2006)

Pacific Storm: Less about tropical weather, more about a strategic, multiple viewpoint WWII war sim, where the Americans and Japanese beat the hell out of each other over a lot of Pacific Islands. Read: page 1 and page 2 of the article by Tom Francis.

Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Articles Update: Today our pride cannot be but saddened by the deep concern. If atomic bombs are to be added as new weapons to the arsenals of a warring world, or to the arsenals of the nations preparing for war, then the time will come when mankind will curse the names of Los Alamos and Hiroshima. -- Robert Oppenheimer, after receiving the Army-Navy "Excellence" Award, 1946

Read this article


Pacific Storm Announced! Lesta Studio and Buka Entertainment are announcing the release of a revolutionary title for PC Pacific Storm. Scheduled for release in May 2006, Pacific Storm is a ground breaking fusion of a real time strategy gaming with all the best elements of a tactical war-game and a flight simulation title. Now you can participate in all the major Pacific battles of the World War II in Pacific Storm a game that seamlessly incorporates RTS into a major naval and flight simulation title. Fight on either side, controlling US or Japanese forces and change the outcome of each historical battle!

Pacific Storm recreates one of the most epic airborne military confrontations down to the finest detail, quotes Eugene Perry, COO for GMX Media publisher of Pacific Storm in the UK Players are given absolute freedom to control nearly every available military unit involved in the engagement. This is no ordinary flight sim title Pacific Storm will redefine games based upon historical military warfare.

The coolest RTS ever". Gamezone.

Cool concept mixes RTS and simulator elements; replay historical WWII battles very realistically; a refreshing take on WWII. PC Gameworld The game has a easy feel to it with many different styles of play, and will be something to look forward to when it is released next year. Gameshark.

Lesta's endeavor looks like a possible sleeper. RPG Vault network.

Pacific Storm is a great strategy and flight simulator game. <...> We anxiously await the release of this amazing new title. Game Chronicles Magazine.

Pacific Storm has a great potential, said Inna Bukatina, VP International, Buka Entertainment. Buka is in negotiations for presenting the title on the still available territories and open to discuss offers from the European and American Partners for this eagerly awaited real time strategy and action title.

Gregory Boyington

Articles Update: Greg Boyington, one of the most celebrated US aces in the Pacific theater of naval operations during World War II and the leading pilot of the American Marines, became famous in America not so much for his numerous air victories as for his conduct on land. Notwithstanding the eccentricity of his behavior and the eventfulness of his life, Gregory Boyingtons saga is in some ways typical for America in the 1940s. Read more...



Press Updates

Some more links to previews of Pacific Storm in the Press section of the site: