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Pacific Storm

Archived news:

Happy Holidays

Lesta Studio team wishes You a Happy New Year! Thank you for your support and staying with us in 2005!




Articles Update: This article is about the history of Japanese single-motor fighters of WW2.



Pacific Stormy Party

On the 11th of November The Artillery Museum of St.Petersburg was stormed by the journalists. They were the participants of the press tour organized by Buka Entertainment and Lesta Studio to present Pacific Storm to the press.

At first, the journalists were initiated into kamikaze pilots, and then they received a warm welcome from the developers of Pacific Storm who were wearing US pilot uniforms of WW2. In the impressive interiors of the museum surrounded by historical weapons Lesta Studio presented its unique upcoming title about the war in the Pacific between the US and Japan. That was an amazing show! After the presentation the participants moved to a captured Japanese restaurant to continue the party in a friendly atmosphere...

The journalists made sure that the united forces of Buka and Lesta are armed quite well and ready to storm the game world. Well, soon the international community will know more about Pacific Storm too!

New Pacific Storm Screenshots

Pacific Storm screenshot gallery has been extended with 3 additional pages:




Japanese naval bombers and torpedo planes

Articles Update: "In a military campaign against the United States Japan could only lose since its economy was not nearly as powerful as that of the US, and it would not be able to replace the lost ships and aircraft as quickly as the Americans could do it. Yamamoto proposed the only solution, which could, at least postpone a military catastrophe if not avert it: to destroy the enemy fleet at its home base. This mission was to be accomplished by 135 D3A1 dive bombers, 144 B5N2 torpedo bombers and a number of escort A6M2 Zero fighter planes from six heavy aircraft carriers."

New Pacific Storm Gallery

We've launched new Pacific Storm screenshot gallery with some advanced features like file rating and commenting. The gallery presents screenshots of strategic and tactical level of Pacific Storm.

Pacific Storm Closed Beta Test

Lesta Studio, an independent developer of interactive entertainment software, offers you an exciting opportunity to work as a Volunteer QA/Game Tester on Pacific Storm in a closed beta test. Game testing experience preferred but not necessary. Candidate must have experience playing RTS/war-game/air simulation games. If you own a modern PC able to run Pacific Storm, and have access to the Internet, and you are willing to improve the game with a team of enthusiasts, this is for you. Read more...

Articles Update — US Navy Bombers and Torpedo Bombers

"...by the beginning of the 30s the vision of the carrier borne aviation had already become clear: the Navy needed reconnaissance aircrafts, covering fighters, torpedo bombers and dive bombers that could weaken the enemy fleet before the battleships entered the scene." Read more...

Art: Hi-resolution Pacific Storm Posters

Articles Update — Japanese Carrier Borne Fighters

"Mitsubishi A6M Reisen (Zero, fighter Type 0) was the only carrier borne fighter of the Imperial fleet at the times of the Second World War. In the beginning it by far surpassed all Allied fighters, but by the end of war it became hopelessly obsolete. Its advantages – high agility and long range of flight – caused its disadvantages, low speed and poor combat survivability. Skilled pilots burned like torches in the meat grinder of the Pacific front. The last machines, piloted by kamikazes, young boys who were barely trained to fly, perished like fiery comets in the fights with the US Navy fleets in 1945. Nevertheless, Zero became the most famous Japanese aircraft of the Pacific war and the symbol of the Imperial air power." Read more...

Articles Update — U.S. Air Force Bombers

"The emergence and coming of age of American bomber aviation was one of the most remarkable advances in the whole history of aviation. It was not only that the United States, which entered the war with only a few outdated bombers, managed to build by the end of it the most advanced and powerful bomber fleet in the world. What is even more important is that the United States have demonstrated that in a global war the outcome depends primarily on who has greater numbers of better performance heavy bombers".

Pacific Storm at E3

Buka has attended the annual E3 Expo and presented Pacific Storm. Analyzing expo results, we can say that the project has attracted the most vivid interest.

Note: Vladimir Miniaev, who works for the Buka company, says:

"It's an amazing experience when total strangers stop by, shake hands and express gratitude for brining such projects in to the world. I was immensely proud even though it's no achievement of mine. For the "Pacific Storm" gratitude should go to Lesta — the team who develop it".

Pacific Storm at Gameshark.com
Gameshark.com published a short preview of Pacific Storm:
"Many classic game fanatics who always wanted so much more from Battleship and other related war games will finally find what they have been looking for with Pacific Storm. It has so much potential with a combination of genres for us war gamers at heart!"

Pacific Storm: E3 Gameplay Reel
Lesta Studio and Buka Entertainment present a new 3-minute gameplay reel showing new graphical and gameplay improvements in Pacific Strom. The new gameplay reel displays fierce air battles between the US and Imperial Japan, various units used by the rivals, as well as strategic, tactical, and simulator game modes. It should also be noted that the video demonstrates all new graphical technologies implemented by the development team: ultra-realistic pixel-shader water, different weather conditions, and new FX. The reel can be downloaded in the "Video" section of the official site.